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Do you know how to brush your teeth properly?











Here are some tips to help keep your teeth healthy and beautiful!

 Tooth care is an automated action - a habit we do everyday in the same way. That means we wash the same place every day and skip the same. Change the bad habit!

Wash the teeth in concentrated form. Look in the mirror while you brush your teeth. So you will be thorough.

According to habit, most people's teeth are always followed in the same place. These are usually the most powerful movements that most damage your teeth.

Change that place from time to time ?!

 Close the tap, the flowing water hurts you and many of your teeth will forget to wash.

Znate li pravilno oprati zube


How to properly use dental thread.











In maintaining flawless oral hygiene, the use of a dental floss should be just as important as brushing teeth. Even with brush-thin brushes, the fibers fail to reach any surface of the tooth and places where plaque can accumulate. Intermediate spaces, and especially pointing points between the teeth, are the places where the dental thread will best help us. However, the dental floss should be used properly to avoid dental damage.


Use it to begin by taking at least 50 cm of thread and wrap one part several times around the right and the other around the left index finger. Apply the thumbs and press on the thumbs so that the thumbs are separated by about 1 cm. This part of the thread passes between your teeth. The smaller the gap between the thumbs and the smaller the end of the thumb, the more control you have and the easier way to move the thread through the lateral portions of the teeth. If the spaces between some teeth are very narrow, try pulling the thread back and forth. Repeat the same process between each tooth, with the new part of the loin you squeeze from your fingernail. On the lower dental line and between the upper molars, it will be easier to use the thread if you only stick to the punches to which it is wound, but the rule of the smaller spacing between the fingers for further control remains valid. After the end of the cleaning, the teeth should be rinsed with water or one of the mouthwashes.


It would be good for children to get to know the dental floss, to begin with complete dental hygiene as soon as possible.


Kako pravilno koristiti zubni konac


Baby teeth.











Children and teeth health

Tooth decay and caries are one of the most common chronic conditions in children aged 6 to 11 and teenagers aged 12 to 19 years. Broken teeth in children are 5 times more common than asthma and 7 times more common than pollen allergies. By the time they leave the kindergarten, 40% of children have caries.

Begin to take care of your teeth

The child should be taken to the dentist by the age of one year. When it begins earlier, the damage and costs are later smaller. It has been shown that the cost of tooth for 5 years is 40% lower for children who were in the first year of the dentist than the other children.

Brushing and dental thread

Visiting a dentist is just part of your teeth care. The most important part is washing and brushing. Many think that children's teeth do not need to be followed, which is completely inaccurate. If the child has only one tooth, it should be followed, at least by the mire.

When a tooth appears later, a child's toothbrush is to be purchased, which is soft and it keeps the teeth at least twice a day. Using the dental floss can begin as soon as the teeth begin to touch each other. Various mouthwash liquids should be used when we are sure that the baby will not swallow fluids after rinsing.


Dječji zubi


The cured tooth root is the best implant.











The appearance of spontaneous ("pure peace") toothache, a larger island above the tooth, the appearance of yellowish bubbles above the roots, cold, cold and chewing or nighttime sleep ("awakening from sleep") indicates possible signs of illness and necessary seek immediate medical help. We root the root because the best tooth cure is the best implant. Otherwise, these health problems are dealt with by the scientific discipline Endodontics, which examines the interior of the tooth and treats the dental nerve and space above the excess root (granule) and restores lost-damaged parts of the visible tooth part.


Izliječeni korijen zuba najbolji je implantat


Which brush to choose?











The head of the toothbrush must be small - this will make it easier to reach the inside of the tooth, the menses and the back of the last teeth. The fibers must be soft, dense, thin and rounded. Thus, the fibers will reach larger areas of the tooth, especially the parts between the teeth and the tooth joint with the toothbrush. Soft fibers are gentle to the toothbrush and to the toothbrush.

The handle of your brush should be in one piece, without flexible parts - this will give you greater control over the movements and lessen the possibility of injury to the gums.

And of course, do not forget - the best toothbrush is the one that is used;)


Kakvu četkicu odabrati


What is parondontoosis, and who is a periodontologist?











Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of dental meat. They cause bacteria and they accelerate smoking and diabetes. It begins as a reddening and bleeding of gums (dental flesh), and untreated leads to bone loss around teeth, tooth decay and subsequent tooth loss.


Periodontologist is a dental practitioner specializing in the treatment of gum disease - gingivitis (surface inflammation) and periodontitis (deep inflammation of the tooth bone and bone). The parodontologist of the patient learns the proper way to brush the teeth and maintain all the prosthetic work in the mouth. Likewise, when it comes to therapy, it detects all the places that keep the bacteria (caries, bad and over-filled, persistent crown edges), irregularly rotated teeth, wrong bite ... With periodontal treatment it is possible to prolong the life of the teeth that have already started to climate.


Što je parondontoza, a tko je parodontolog


Tips for pregnant women.











  • First check out immediately after the diagnosis of pregnancy.
  • Pregnant women can without any risk of repairing teeth with local anesthesia.
  • Pregnant women have frequent inflammation of the gums and bleeding, so good hygiene and a regular visit to the dentist are indispensable. High-quality vitamin and calcium-rich nutrition, adequate hygiene and regular dental examinations ensure the preservation of teeth health in pregnancy.
  • In the period from 5 to 8 Week of pregnancy begins to form the baby's baby's embryo, then attention should be paid to the diet, sufficient intake of vitamin D and calcium.


Savjeti za trudnice


Which fill is the best?











Unfortunately, the answer to this question is very simple: there is no universal best filling. Ideal filling is long lasting, solid, aesthetic perfect, ready for one visit and inexpensive. The only problem is that it does not exist. The conditions governing our mouth are very strict and demanding and everything that dentists work on our teeth needs to "keep water" in the fullest sense. Pickup is often a very difficult task because it is not easy to reconcile aesthetics and function in any situation.


Koji ispun je najbolji


Bruxism - tooth decay.











Everyday stress that is experienced by almost all traces of left and right teeth. Bruxism is a pathological phenomenon, an unconscious bad habit of tooth decay that is most commonly caused by stressful conditions.

Unfortunately, the most damage caused by night, in the sleep, when we are unaware of the large forces that can develop the chewing muscles and so rapidly spend the dental surfaces. Over time, the teeth become shortened, consumed and painful. An additional complication of bruxism is the problems that can occur on the gall bladder - scraping, jumping, cracking and pain.

Bruksism is prevented by wearing special strings.




The toothpits are tender.













You will hardly damage the enamel, but beneath it is the dentin (the type of bone that forms most of the tooth) that is not resistant to severe attacks with a hard brush. Dental flesh is also very sensitive, so you need to gently massage it with soft brushes. Use small circular movements when washing. Try to turn the toothbrush so that the fibers move under the gums with each movement and remove the plaque from the dental door. So try to catch all the surfaces of your teeth, especially those places you have ignored so far.


Powerful rubbing with a lot of scorching paste can give you the impression of freshness and thoroughness, but it's far from properly crafted teeth. Toothpaste plays a very small part in proper washing. Mechanical cleansing ensures healthy teeth, pasta is mostly due to fresh feelings ... Avoid teeth whitening teeth - they are abrasive (stubbornly) and the effect is minimal. They often cause tooth sensitivity.


Place the paste on the toothbrush size. That amount is quite sufficient, and the less foam will allow you to see better what you are doing.


Small Test: Take the brush with your left hand (or right limbs) and brush your teeth. You will apply much less force, your teeth will be in a different order than usual and you will be much more careful in washing. After that, try to apply the newly discovered skill by the hand you otherwise brush your teeth.


Zube perite nježno


A clean tooth can not get sick or get caries.











Caries is a tooth disease caused by bacteria. The basic prerequisite for its emergence is the presence of mature dental plaque. Dental plaque is a complex structure of numerous large molecules of saliva and food in which bacteria are inhabited. With time the plaque matures, which means that they are poisonous bacteria isolated from the defense systems of the organism and undisturbed by the enamel. If there is no mature plaque on the tooth, there are no dangerous bacteria - the tooth can not collapse.


The formation of plaque can not be prevented, but we can stop its maturation so that the bacteria would not get the chance to damage the teeth. The most important method in combating mature and dangerous plaque is the mechanical destruction of its complicated structure - proper brushing.


Čisti zub ne može oboljeti niti dobiti karijes


Chewing gums are useful ... the first 10 minutes.











Modern chewing gums really help to improve the health of your teeth unless you use them incorrectly. In the first 10 minutes of chewing, useful ingredients are released and stimulation of saliva that has a major role in controlling caries. Additional help in the fight against caries is a compound called xylitol, but as it is expensive, you will not find it in any chewing gum. After 10 minutes, chewing gum properties are consumed and it remains only the tooth and wrist sport.


Unfortunately, this is a sport that is more vulnerable than beneficial. Long-term chewing is burdened by chewing muscles and the jaw joint, which can cause painful injuries. The teeth also suffer from repeated stress. Every time you overwrite a chewing gum, your teeth have once again unnecessarily burdened and microscopic cracks appear in the enamel. After many years of this cracking in combination with firm tooth brushing, spicy drinks and subconscious stress lead to significant tooth decay. Be gentle with your teeth, you will need them again!




Žvakaće gume su korisne... prvih 10 minuta


Ginger and Nettle - Toothache!











It has been scientifically proven that ginger has anti-inflammatory action. Experts have found that it contains a powerful compound called gingerols that prevents the production of hormones that create a feeling of pain. Take the root of the ginger. Cut and peel a piece then put it on top of the painful tooth and bite it. The pain should calm down very quickly.

The leaflets of abyss are abundant with magnesium, and some studies show that coprivin tea acts antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. The potency of the buckwheat will increase if you add the blueberry. Therefore, while purchasing hygiene products and tooth health, make sure that you are selecting those on a dumbbell base.


Đumbir i kopriva - spas za zubobolju

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